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Our Equipment


We use a wide range of state of the art heavy machinery and equipment in processing raw materials. Our machinery and equipment is capable of processing the full range of recyclable ferrous and non ferrous raw materials in large volumes.


Our machinery and equipment includes four 1,000 to 3,000 horsepower shredding or fragmentising machines, each with a processing capacity of up to 50 tonnes per hour. These machines have rotors weighing up to 34 tonnes which travel at surface speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour. This equipment can shred a complete car in 25 seconds.


We also own and operate a number of:

  • static and mobile shears used for cutting large pieces of sheet and other raw materials

  • mobile balers for compacting vehicles and other light metal raw materials where stockpiles exist, in particular in remote areas to facilitate economic transportation of the material to our customers or to our shredding operations for further processing;

  • briquetting machines for compressing metal shavings and turnings into cylindrical briquettes;

  • high density ferrous and non ferrous balers used for the compression of light scrap pieces into high density bales;

  • croppers and other gas cutting equipment used for processing large pieces of heavy melting scrap;

  • super choppers, raspers and granulators used for high speed processing and separating of copper and aluminium from various types of cable and wire raw materials;

  • grinders used for further densifying shredded scrap;

  • fully automated paper balers which compact paper and cardboard raw materials into bales; and

  • cable strippers used for stripping insulation off conducting wire.

We operate close to 700 vehicles for transporting recyclable raw materials from our suppliers and/or collection sites to the processing sites and for transportation of the recycled metal products from the sites to our customers. Our vehicles are all specialized to cater for specific requirements e.g. grabs, bin lifters, mine vehicles etc.

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