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Health and Safety

Reclam Group recognises safety as the first priority in our operations. All accidents can be prevented and hazard identification prior to any activity is essential. Our approach in our safety, health & environmental program is pro-active through management involvement, open two-way communications, employee empowerment and a competent workforce. We ensure proper governance regarding the activities for which we are responsible. Reclam Group strives to minimize or eliminate any potential negative impact on our people and the environment. We are committed to zero-harm enforcement from our activities on employees, people working for or on-behalf of the company, clients, and the environment in which we operate.

Reclam Group ensures a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and people working for or on behalf of the company, provides protective equipment and the information, training and supervision necessary to ensure a safe work environment. Employees are obligated to obey health and safety rules and report unsafe or unhealthy situations or incidents to their employers or health and safety representatives.

Reclam Group’s Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (“SHEQ”) Department ensures compliance with local, national, international legislation and standards and other standards to which the company subscribes. The SHEQ Department is comprised of experienced individuals with International Safety & Environmental Qualifications and is supervised by our Group SHEQ Manager. This team is supported by Divisional SHEQ Managers for each of the following regions -Inland 1 & 2 Regions, Kwazulu-Natal North & South Coast Regions, Eastern and Western Cape Region, Mpumalanga Region and the Free State Region. The SHEQ Department is responsible for reporting relevant information to the Department of Labour and also for communication with relevant Governmental Authorities.

Reclam Grouup is dedicated in enforcing SHEQ management to minimize accidents, injuries, pollution, wastage, breakdowns, costs and improving safety, job satisfaction and profitability.
Our SHEQ Management Systems are risk-based and comprise of OSHA 18001, ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9002 standards. Combined SHEQ policies, systems & guidelines are in place at each facility.

All our South African operations comply as a minimum with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Baseline medicals are conducted annually at high risk exposure activities according to legal requirements. Employees receive compulsory and in-house training to enable them to be a competent workforce but also to identify hazards within their work environment.

Reclam Group is committed to continual improvement in SHEQ as per internationally recognized standards and directives. Reclam Group has an effective organizational structure which reviews all activities, establishing objectives and targets that consider SHEQ as an integral part to our business decision making processes. We train employees to empower them with the skills and expertise to fulfil Reclam Group’s commitment to safety and health. The promotion and development of SHEQ awareness and responsibility amongst employees is key to our success.

Close networking with environmental consultants help us in identifying and reducing any operational environmental footprints. HIV/Aids & Smoking Policies are in place in our operations to ensure a working relationship of non-discrimination, empathy and awareness amongst all.

We believe in winning with people, therefore the empowering of employees at every level in the organization takes place to enhance health, safety and environmental awareness and participation.

Level of awareness through daily communications on safe work practices is demonstrated at every level in the organization.

Our Disabled Injury Frequency Rate (DIFR) ended on 0.03% for the financial 2008/09 year. The world trend is to achieve less than 1.00% DIFR per year. Our TRIF (Total Recordable Injury Frequency) for 2008/09 ended on 0.01. Classified Injuries Frequently Rate per 1 million man-hours worked reported for the same period was 0.01. Through our “Zero Tolerance” initiative we aim to minimize our reportable.



Reclam Group is committed to reducing its operations’ impact on the environment, and through our recycling business we aim to spread this sentiment to the broader public.

Government authorisation is required for the extension of existing plants and processes and for the establishment of any new plants and processes. Authorisations must be obtained prior to the activities being undertaken.

   The review resulted in:

  • A group wide policy that the surfaces of all areas that may be subject to soil contamination must be covered with concrete, such as storage areas for recyclable metals.

  • Environmental surveys are done on ground water, soil, dust and environmental noise where applicable.

We also removed contaminated soil and installed concrete slabs at some sites, with drainage traps to collect the run‑off of potentially contaminated substances and prevent possible future contamination.

Quality management

  • Currently a number of our facilities carry the below certification/s:
    ISO 14001: 2015
    ISO 9001: 2015.

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